VIDEO produced by

Stalke Out Of Space and Sam Jedig

ONE by Dove Bradshaw.

The idea was to invite artists to make a work using only one material including it’s presentation — no nails, hooks, frames, pedestals, or anything other than a single material. Without planning each artist used a different one: pencil, plaster, coconut oil, copper, wax, paper, plastic, magnets, steel, felt, glass, nothing just a cut into the wall. Artists: William Anastasi, Carl Andre, Robert Barry, Dove Bradshaw, Melissa Kretschmer, Janet Passehl, Søren Dahlgaard, Torben Ebbesen, Kristian Von Hornsleth, Sam Jedig, Lone Mertz, Nikolaj Recke

Curators Dove Bradshaw and Sam Jedig/Stalke Out Of space Produced by Stalke Out Of Space 2009/2023


Produced by Sam Jedig in connection to William Anastasi solo show at Stalke Galleri,

Copenhagen 2005. All rights Sam Jedig/Stalke Out Of Space

William Anastasi

Subway Drawings, Copenhagen - Holte 1999.

Short Version Produced by Sam Jedig/Stalke Out Of Space 2009

William Anastasi,

Stalke Galleri Red crayon on paper.

Produced by Sam Jedig and Stalke Galleri 2005/2013

Stalke out Of Space project no. 29, 2001, in Co-operation with Lone Mertz and Sam Jedig.

Galleri Kambur, Iceland. Produced 2001/2022 all rights Sam Jedig/Stalke Out Of Space


Produced by Sam Jedig and Stalke Out Of Space 2000/2023

Dove Bradshaw, Negative Ions II, 1996/2019

Kunstkapellet, Roskilde,Denmark.

Project by Stalke Out Of Space Cube/Sam Jedig


Niels Borch Jensen, Copenhagen 2000/2017

Produced by Sam Jedig and Stalke Galleri

Art of William Anthony

Conversation between Gunnar Orn, Sam Jedig and William Anthony about his art 2003/2002 at Galleri Kambur in collaboration with Stalke Out Of Space.

Produced Stalke Out Of Space/Sam Jedig

In Connection to William Anastasi exhibition at Stalke Galleri May - June 2023 "William Anastasi - IN PRINT from 1988-2015."

The catalog from this exhibition features insightful texts by Charles Stuckey, Niels Borch Jensen, Rasmus Urwald, and Thomas McEvilley, all providing valuable perspectives on Anastasi's artworks.The catalog has a print ed. of 400 copies and produced by Stalke Edition in May 2023. The design is by Kristian Jakobsen and Sam Jedig.

Produced by Stalke Out Of Space/Sam Jedig


Curated by Peter holst Henckel

Produced by Stalke Out Of Space and Sam Jedig. 2005/2023This video provides a captivating glimpse into the artistic world of Albert Mertz (1920-1990) and his notable work. The selected quotes featured in the video are directly from Albert Mertz himself. This remarkable exhibition was a collaborative effort, showcasing the combined talents of Albert Mertz . The catalog's photography was skillfully captured by Susanne Mertz and Flemming Brusgaard, with Sam Jedig contributing to the project as well, Also thanks to Lone Mertz for all help of this exhibition.